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Advanced showing vs. telling: “to”

You’ve probably seen the admonishments to “show” rather than “tell” in your work. Showing the character doing something brings the reader into the action, while describing the action (telling) turns the reader into a...

The Starships of INFERNUM

In this post we talk to Jayson Adams, author of Infernum, about the propulsion and ship designs in his novel. FF: What was the inspiration behind the ships in the book? JA: Early on I decided to riff on present day UFO reports. It’s as if...

Don’t annoy your readers with repetitive words

Running across a word or phrase more than once in a sentence or paragraph can be jarring. Those who notice suddenly become aware they’re reading a book instead of remaining immersed in your narrative. These readers may wonder if...

Finding the speed bumps in your writing

Good fiction is almost hypnotic. It slips you into a state where the everyday world disappears, leaving only the imaginary one crafted by the author. But just as a loud noise or distraction can shatter a trance, so too can the rough spots in your...