INFERNUM reviews reach 1,000 star ratings on Amazon

Infernum reviews on Amazon

Infernum, the military sci-fi epic pitting duty against survival at the center of the galaxy, surpassed 1,000 “star ratings” on the Amazon website. The ratings capture the feedback of readers who’ve purchased the book on Amazon. These Infernum reviews total an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

“I’m grateful for and excited about the traction the book has found with science fiction lovers,” said Jayson Adams, author of Infernum. “I remember when the Infernum reviews just started to take off in May of last year. It’s amazing that a short 15 months later it’s reached 1,000 star reviews.”

Amazon’s star ratings provide a quick way for readers to gauge the quality of a book based on collective public opinion. Ranging from 1 to 5 stars, these ratings encapsulate the average score calculated from individual customer reviews. A high star rating signifies a well-received book. Star ratings on Amazon provide a snapshot of how well a book has resonated with its audience.

While a high rating is important, one based on just a handful of reviews may not offer a reliable measure of the book’s quality. On the other hand, a high rating from hundreds or thousands of readers generally indicates that the book has been well-received by a broad audience. In general, the more ratings a book has, the more you can trust the average star rating to reflect the overall sentiment about the book. When browsing Amazon, it’s advisable to look at the star rating, the number of reviews, and the book’s release date (i.e. how long has it been collecting reviews) to get a comprehensive understanding of a book’s standing.

Infernum is an epic sci-fi adventure that follows Captain Holbrook and the crew of the starship Avenger on a one-way mission to the center of the galaxy. Infernum is available, in paperback and e-book form, from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other book sellers.

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