INFERNUM in Running for Sci-fi Book of the Year from IndieReader

IndieReader has announced that INFERNUM, the military sci-fi epic pitting duty against survival at the center of the galaxy, is a contender for their 2022 Science Fiction Book of the Year award.

“I’m thrilled that Infernum is in the running for sci-fi book of the year,” said Jayson Adams, author of INFERNUM. “Even if it doesn’t win it’s an honor to be considered. Infernum has had such great fan reception since its release in early January. I’m so excited that it’s achieving literary acclaim as well.”

INFERNUM follows Captain Holbrook and the crew of the starship Avenger, assigned a perilous mission to stop a weapon that could destroy the Earth. The first half of INFERNUM is available to download for FREE from the INFERNUM landing page on our website. INFERNUM is available, in paperback and e-book form, from Amazon.

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