Announcing INFERNUM—an epic space adventure novel set at the center of the galaxy

It’s Star Trek meets Blade Runner in this sci-fi action thriller.

Captain Thomas Holbrook receives cryptic orders to direct his starship to the center of the galaxy, a region from which no vessel has ever returned. Their mission: prevent the “aughts,” humanity’s robot “automaton” foes, from building a weapon that can destroy the Earth. Holbrook must face his greatest fear, keep a mutinous crew at bay, stop the aughts, and somehow find a way back home in this man vs. machine thriller.

“With INFERNUM I wanted to explore the question of what would you do if you were ordered on a oneway mission,” said author Jayson Adams. “How would the captain and crew, military men and women who’ve sworn to do their duty, handle an assignment that appears to mean their certain death.”

Joining Holbrook on the mission is Dr. Rebekah Riesen, a brilliant, beautiful reincarnated physicist running from the great mistake that has followed her everywhere, and Tentek, an aught informant who’s chosen to help the humans over his own kind. “In addition to the perilous mission, the characters, both human and machine, are wrestling with their own internal problems,” said Adams. “Holbrook himself is weighed down by a painful memory the mission dredges up from his past.

“And if all that weren’t bad enough, the aughts have vast compute resources,” said Adams. “They can easily outthink the humans. How can you prevail when your adversary can predict your every possible action?”

INFERNUM is available now, in paperback and eBook.

About the Author
At age sixteen Jayson dreamed of starting a software company and retiring by twenty-five. He achieved his dream just before thirty, working for the likes of Steve Jobs and selling one of his start-ups along the way. Five years later he returned to computers with another start-up. He currently works at Google.

Computers were always Jayson’s creative outlet, the screen a “blank slate.” He now channels his creative energies into writing compelling science fiction.

By Jayson Adams
Fiction Factory Books • On sale now • Price: $16.00 paperback • 402 pages • ISBN 978-1737937609
Also available by eBook

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